Welcome to Joy of Art Studio 


Established in 1995 by Artist/ Teacher Joy Hellman is dedicated to improving students drawing and painting skills. She offers fine art classes and art summer camps for children as young as four years old, teens and adults.


In the studio, Joy believes drawing and painting are two important skills which support the creative and innovative thought process. Helping art students to learn how to “see” beyond the obvious, appreciate subtle differences in shade or color and dare to experiment are just a few examples of her passion I teaching art.


Joy provides instruction in dry media like pencil, charcoal, soft-pastel and oil pastel, as well as in watercolor, acrylic, ink and oil.


 call 910-528-7283 



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Joy Hellman
Owner of Joy of Art Studio and Eclectic Mixed Media Artist

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Your Muse.

Your Dreams.

All that is missing is creative space.

 “I believe that every one is creative and that our Muse is just waiting to be discovered and expressed.”

 I strive to create a positive, educational and fun place for your child’s creative discovery and self expression.

 I believe strongly in responding to the individual needs and making the entire experience of being at my studio/classroom a source of enrichment and enjoyment.

As an artist I am constantly learning, exploring and challenging myself to continue growing.  I love the sheer joy of creating! I believe
that creating is a magical process. I also enjoy working with other artists because as artists we need the support and reinforcement for our own creative process plus we can always inspire and share ideas with one another.